41st Penang Pesta International Open 2013

MILO U-12 Masters Results

Dec 9, 2013
by K. Kandiah

PENANG’s leading junior kegler Muhd Hariz Adlan Azman was in his element as he went on to clinch the 41st Penang Pesta International Bowling Championship 2013 Boys’ Under-12 title at the Mega Bowling Centre in MegaMall Pinang in Prai yesterday.

The pint sized bowler was cool under pressure, though there was not much challenge posed by his more colourful opponents, as he led all the way, except in the sixth game, to grab a major title in an international competition in his home turf.

Muhd Hariz Adlan, the 10-year-old SK Pauh Jaya Year Five pupil, posted the lines of 195, 182, 163, 171, 183 and 167 for a 1,061 total pinfall and 176.8 average, which was far below than his regular average of more than 190.
It was a tough tussel for the second spot between Perak’s Muhammad Asyraaf, the host’s Chuah Shan Yu and Singaporean Kieran Tan Wei Zhong.

Wei Zhong, a student at the Junior Sports Academy of Singapore, was in the lead from the third game posting the lines of 192, 146, 175, 180, 165 but flattered in the final game with a mere 133 pins for a 991 total and 165.2 average pushing himself to the fourth spot.

Muhammad Asyraaf was in a better commanding position lying third until the fifth game with the lines of 188, 164, 155, 163, 138 and his last game he felled 214 pins to jump to the second place, while Shan Yu knocked down 148, 193, 135, 174, 157 and 202 pins for a 1,009 total and 168.2 average to settle for the third spot.

Muhd Hariz Adlan, Muhammad Asyraaf and Shan Yu each collected a Milo hamper, a trophy and RM400, RM300 and RM200 respectively, while Wei Zhong and Haikal received a Milo hamper each and RM150 and RM100 respectively.

The Girls’ Under-12 category was dominated the Singaporeans who took the top nine positions, except for Sarawakian Amanda Ting Bao Er who spoiled their celebration when she posted the lines of 169, 159, 106, 172, 167 and 157 to clinch the fifth spot.

Leading all the way from the second game to the fifth game was Daphne Ang Ke En posting the lines of 177, 159, 166, 128, 182 and 154 but in her last game she only managed 154 pins for a 966 total and 161 average and settled for the second place.

Charis Chia Wen Chian was cool while playing second fiddle to her teammate Ke En up to the fifth game but she showed her true colours in the final game when she knocked down 217 pins. She took the top spot with the lines of 187, 142, 170, 139, 158 and 217 for a 1,013 total and 168.8 average.

Another Singaporean, Kimberley Tan Boon Ching, took the third spot posting the lines of 160, 148, 116, 156, 197 and 177 for 954 total and 159.0 average. The top three winners received a Milo hamper and a trophy each and a cash prize of RM400, RM300 and RM200 respectively.

Min Fon and Bao Er collected a Milo hamper each and RM 150 and RM100.
The most popular tenpin bowling competition in the country is hosted by the Penang Tenpin Bowling Association with the cooperation of the State Government and the Penang State Sports Council. Supporting the annual event is Penang Island Municipal Council and the Seberang Perai Municipal Council.

The sponsors include Sports Toto, Milo, AmBank Group, Valentino Creations – Italy, Mega Bowling Centre, Hotel Royal Penang and Ixora Hotel.

RESULTS – Under-12 Boys’: Muhd Hariz Adlan Azman (Pg) 1,061 pinfalls, 2 Muhammad Asyraaf (Pk) 1,022, 3 Chua Shan Yu (Pg) 1,009, 4 Kieran Tan Wei Zhong (Sin) 991, 5 Haikal Hazlan (KL) 986.
Girls’: 1 Charis Chia Wen Chian (Sin) 1,013, 2 Daphne Ang Ke En (Sin) 966, 3 Kimberley Tan Boon Ching (Sin) 954, 3 Ching Min Fon Pascal (Sin) 938, 5 Amanda Ting Bao Er (Swk) 930.

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