With the fancy flips, kicks and stance, martial arts performances was a sure crowd puller during the recent Occupy Beach Street event [1 Dec].

Visitors of the weekly event started gathering in front of the State Sports Council booth at 9 am as the state wushu coach begins to brief the crowd on the basics of the sport.

But the moment some 22 wushu athletes took center stage, it was practically a photography session in the making as the audience started shooting away using their devices ranging from smart phones to compact cameras and fancy dslr cameras.

The audience was left in awe as seniors and juniors athletes showed off their wushu skills with and without weapons which was accompanied by music.

The second sports demonstration and briefing involving one coach and 18 taekwondo athletes was also witnessed by a big audience.

The junior and senior athletes displayed their powerful taekwondo kicks and punches which left the audience glued to their places.

The last martial arts showcase for the day proved to be a unique experience for the crowd as they were treated to a rarely seen martial arts performance – muaythai.

Complete with the traditional costume and music, a young muaythai athlete performed the wai kru which is a ceremonial dance performed before a muaythai fight commences.

The muaythai demonstration by four athletes then started with technical kicks and punches on paddings held by the coach which was an interesting method to educate the crowd on the sport.

All three sports demonstration were repeated twice in two separate sessions.

Council director Fred Tan said the martial arts performances were definitely successful in drawing a big crowd during the Occupy Beach Street do.

“I am proud to see that we managed to attract a large audience during the martial arts performances by the wushu, taekwondo and muaythai.

“Hopefully it will make more Penangites keen on learning up these martial arts be it for self defense, exercise or even at competitive level,” said Tan.

He added that it also helped to boost the athletes’ confidence in their skills and gave coaches the opportunity to interact with others aside from athletes.

The following weekend [8 Dec] will feature sports such as boxing and sepak takraw.

The crowd will also be invited to free sports try outs during the event.


Wushu demo

Wushu demo


State Sports Council director Frederick Tan [in orange] posing for a group photo with the taekwondo athletes


Wai Kru demonstration

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