Road to Haatyai – Counting Down to Our Finest Moment – Muay Thai

With just one month to the 16th Malaysia Games, the Penang muay thai athletes are taking it up a notch by attending an intensive one week training at Thailand with the muay thai coach there.

Local Penang coach Kenny Ng and the Penang State Sports Council coordinator Kelvin Tan will also be staying with the seven young athletes to oversee their training throughout the intensive training duration.

The entourage left Penang on 27 May 2013 and Penang State Sports Council director Frederick Tan and his officer Harry Chai were also present to accompany them to the border.

The Penang State Sports Council would like to take this opportunity to thank State Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development and Arts committee chairman YB Puan Chong Eng and the Penang State Sports Council deputy chairman II Dato’ Ong Poh Eng for their support and encouragement to ensure that the Penang muay thai athletes are given the opportunity to improve their skills.

We wish the athletes all the best and we look forward to welcome them home as warriors as we fight to win at the coming Malaysia Games!


此外,槟州体育理事会总监陈德安、行政官蔡兴华、协调官Kelvin Tan及本土泰拳教练Kenny Ng于周一(27日)随同7名选手前往泰国受训,并确保训练过程顺利进行。






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